We have gathered the most common questions of tax interest regarding the Airbnb type Short Term Rental.


We have gathered the most common questions of tax interest regarding the Airbnb type Short Term Rental.

What is considered as short term rental of residential property?

Pursuant to the relative legislation (article 111 of L.4446/2016 and article 39 of L.4172/2013) Short Term Rentals are the real estate rentals through the use of one (or more) digital platforms (AirBnb, Booking, HomeAway and other) for a time period less than one year and provided there is no provision of additional services other than that of staying and bed linen.

How is the income from Short Term rentals taxed?

The income from AirBnb (and other platforms of Short Term Rental) is taxed on the same scale as income from real estate property. For a natural person the income is taxed on the same scale as real estate income whereas for a company only the final profit is taxed (income minus expenses)

Relative legislation: Art. 39 of L.4172/2013, Circ.1069/23.3.2015 and Circ.1112/2017

How does a property manager acquire a Property Registry Number (Α.Μ.Α.)?

The manager has to enter into the Registry of Short Term Real Estate Rental (www.aade.gr) using his/her personal TAXISnet account info and file the property. The info that is required for the Α.Μ.Α. is the Α.Τ.ΑΚ. number (property identification number) and for the cases of partial rental the equivalent square meters.



Who can be the manager of a Short Term Rental?

A manager can be either a natural person – private or legal entity – or the company that owns the property or rents it from an owner.

What should the Manager of a Property do in order to get into the Short Term Rental business and list his/her property in websites such as AirBnb?

The Manager of the Property should get a Property Registry Number (Α.Μ.Α.) which is to be used in any listing as well as promotions of the property.

When the same property is registered in two different platforms does it get one or two Α.Μ.Α. numbers?

It gets one Α.Μ.Α. number which has to be mentioned in the listings of all platforms.

When the Manager of the Property is one of the co-owners, what are the manager’s and what the co-owner’s obligations?

If the “Manager” of the property is one of the co-owners, then he/she registers that property to the Registry and has to submit the Short Term Rental statements, as well as draw up the table of “Income Beneficiaries”. The other co-owners are not obliged to issue an A.M.A. number or submit a statement of Real Estate Rental Information Data.

Should foreign persons (Natural or Legal) that manage a property or gain income from a Short Term rental acquire a Tax Registration Number?

Foreign natural or legal persons (companies) should acquire a Tax Reg. number and submit the below to their competent Tax Office:

  1. a) In the case of a natural person, the M1 form “Tax Identification Number submission statement and/or statement of modification of personal details” and in some cases the Μ7 “Declaration of Tax Payer’s Relations”.

B) In the case of a foreign legal person or legal entity (foreign company), the M3 form Μ3 “Statement of Operations Start/Change of a non Natural Person” with the attachment of the Μ9 “Statement of the Foreign Company  Registered Seat” and Μ7 “Declaration of Tax Payer’s Relations” as well as other forms (such as articles of association, certificate by the competent authority, the statement of fiscal representative in Greece, all of which should be officially translated.

Is the income from short term rentals exempt from VAT?

Pursuant to the relative legislation on short term rentals (Circ. No.1059/2018 “Application of the provisions regarding VAT on short-term leases (in the context of economy sharing) the income is exempt from VAT”.

What happens when the beneficiaries of the income from Short Term Rental are foreign natural or legal persons and do not have a postal address in Greece?

In these cases, the natural or legal persons without a postal address in Greece have to appoint a fiscal representative with a fiscal residence in Greece.

If more than one spaces that are part of the same property are registered in digital platforms (partial property rental) can the same Α.Μ.Α. be used?

No, each space gets a separate Α.Μ.Α. by selecting the option “Partial Rental”.

If a Manager manages two properties for Short Term Rental purposes, does he/she get one or two Α.Μ.Α. numbers?

The registration in the Short Term Rental Registry is made for each property, so the manager has to get two different Α.Μ.Α. numbers.

What are the obligations of Property Managers with an Authorized License?

All touristic Villas (persons of par. 5, art. 46 of L.4179/2013 with Authorized License (Ε.Σ.Λ.) should register their villas to the “Registry of Short Term Rentals” without acquiring an AMA. Instead of the AMA they must submit the Authorized License Number baring the prefix ΕΣΛ. For all the rest they follow the same procedures as for the AMA properties and income from Short Term Property Rentals.

Who can be appointed as manager of a property?

The manager of the property can be either the owner/sub-tenant or a third party (beneficial owner, guardian etc).

How does a manager that is not the owner of a property get a Property Registry Number (Α.Μ.Α.)?

In this case, the property owner (or at least one of the co-owners) has to submit a Real Estate Rental Information Data Statement and select the field that concedes the right of Short Term sublet. Then he/she registers the Α.Τ.ΑΚ. number of the property. Afterwards, the manager of the property enters TAXISnet with his/her personal info, selects the role of Sub-tenant and registers the property in the Registry of Short Term Rentals. The info that is required in order to get an Α.Μ.Α. number are the Real Estate Rental Information Data that the owner submitted.

What do I do if a reservation is cancelled?

In the case of cancellation of a reservation for which a statement has already been made, a modifying statement of Short Term Rental has to be submitted by the 20th of the month following the cancellation. If an initial statement of short term rental has not been made it has to be submitted by select the equivalent field in the application, only if based on the cancellation policy the rental amount has to be paid.

What do I do if there are no reservations, departures in a month?

In this case you do not have to submit a zero statement. Statements are made only if there was a departure (or cancellation) in the previous month.

When and what should the Manager submit to the tax office?

The Manager should submit by the 20th of the following month a Short Term Rental statement based on the date of departure of the tenant. For example, for a Short Term Rental from 20/12/2018 to 5/1/2019 (departure), the statement should be submitted by 20/2/2019.

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